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audion is an audio adtech compagny


Founded in 2018, Audion is an adtech company that develops proprietary technology to automate, customize and measure digital audio advertising. Our products are used by leading medias and podcasters on behalf of the world’s most iconic brands.

« We educate advertisers to make them understand the benefits of this media and publishers to help them monetize their content with our technologies. »


Digital audio is a personal mass media. With our innovative solutions, you can now reach millions of captivated listeners with real time targeted and personalized advertising creations.
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audio publishing automation


We are connected to all the major audio publishers on the planet using programmatic and real time advertising for podcast. Unlock the potential of digital audio advertising.

audion is creative


We combine professional studio services and the most advanced audio DCO technology on the market, we give you the opportunity to personalize at scale on the most immersive digital media.

audion is efficient


Such as any other digital media, digital audio allows measurement based on data. With Audion, you’ve got access to tailor made analysis so you can determine a real ROI based on your digital audio campaign.

We work with the largest media agencies on the market

More than 100 premium brands trust our solutions


Digital audio is a personal mass media. By using our solutions, you can now reach millions of captivated listeners with real time targeted and personalized advertising creations.


Real time ad insertion for podcast

Zippycast is the most advanced server side podcast advertising technology. Manage and target in real time your podcast revenue on every application, every device and every player.

Zippycast service by audion


Launch, optimize and measure all your digital audio campaigns using our ad server designed to meet the specific requirements of audio formats. We are compatible with DAAST and VAST IAB audio standards.

DCO technology

Dynamic Creative Optimization

Our dynamic creative optimization technology make it possible to adapt and optimize an audio spot in less than 30 milliseconds according to the context, the profile or any relevant listener’s data.
programmatic as a strenght


Thanks to our independent position, we provide access to the main sources of programmatic demand on the market. Designed to be plug & play on existing professional ad servers, our audio SSP helps you maximize your revenue.

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